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In Resonance with the Timeless Space

The Moment create an atmosphere where Silence is the Key.

Their music reflects the state of Oneness, where all separation dissappears,

thus creating a resonance with the Pulse of Life.

They play Meditation Concerts and offer Silent Retreats all over Europe.

The Moment :: Meditation  Concerts

Music of the Spheres

We use our instruments to create a serene and meditative atmosphere.

Sounds come and go, touching, harmonising, creating an Empty Space from which new tones can arise. The broad spectrum of overtones support the body to relax and invite the soul to undertake a fascinating journey into the Music of The Spheres.

Music not only for your ears, but fot your whole Being - resonating for a long time after the last note has been played...

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The Moment / Silent Retreat Center

We live in Assisi, Italy where we offer once a month a 7-days Silent Retreat. It is also possible to come for an Individual Stay.

Mayadevi has studiet music at the University of Copenhagen. She played piano and saxophone in different rock and jazz groups. She has worked with Tibetan Bowls since 1981.

Shintai traveled in 1980 to India to meet Osho. He then bought a sitar which became his main instrument. He also plays Harmonix guitar, overtone harp and synthesizer.

The Meditation Concerts

The Moment :: Meditation Concerts

An ocean of sounds

Our music is very delicate and without sudden surprises. It can be perceived as an ocean of sounds - in which every single tone has its own life - though not craving any special attention nor leading anywhere special.

And where are you when you are not "on the way"? Here and Now...

The waves

the first part of the concert

We start with tuning in to the audience and the concert room. It is our experience that the combination of sitar and singing bowls are exquisite tools for this matter.

Often we sense this introduction as a wave of energy coming from the audience towards us - changing into music - and then the wave is flowing back to the audience, ... dissolving into the sense of Oneness.

This process is strongest when listening to the sounds that evolve after the music instrument has been touched: this is where the overtones are coming alive. It is also in this way we are listening to our own playing.

The Spiral

the second part of the concert

After having explored the concert hall in all its aspects it´s time to expand.

The Universe is grander and vaster than us and this is the experience that is inviting us.

The energy in the first part could be described as being horizontal - it now rises vertically, like a cosmic spiral.

Every individual is participating in his/her own way, hearing the own inner music and experiencing the own inner journey.

The instruments

The Sitar

I bought my sitar in India in 1980. I met a rickshaw driver whom just had bought a guitar. He asked me if I could teach him some chords. He himself played sitar. For the next two days we learned from each other all that can be learned in two days.

Once back home, I had the instrument standing in the corner of my living room.

From time to time I played on it, casually touching the strings to enjoy the rich tone and overtones. I found out after a couple of months that it was exactly what I had been looking for, for such a long time…

That way of playing gave me the sensation of listening to what was played. I experienced that my hands were moving without me actually moving them.

The Moment ::De Boventoon Instrumenten

The Singing Bowls

Mayadevi bought her Singing Bowls in 1981 and has since then been using them in healing sessions, avant-garde performances and for meditation music.

The origin and use of the Tibetan bowls is very vague.

In the buddhistic culture, a monk is ordained with an orange robe and one bowl. This bowl is used for begging for food - and to support the meditation. A soft touch on the bowl produces a mantra-like sound.

The bowls are made from a mixture of metals. The blend of metals determines the range of overtones. Each planet "rules" over its own metal: The Sun is connected to gold, the Moon to silver, Venus to copper, Mercurius to mercury (notice the planet´s name!), Mars to iron, Jupiter to tin and Saturn to lead.

This might explain the continious changing range of overtones (as the movement of planet changes the influence on the metals) of a set of bowls.

In this way, the bowls seem to reflect the Cosmic Sound.

The synthesizer

Shintai has programmed the sound of the instrument so that it melts completely with the sound of the bowls.

The CDs

CD Music for Meditation

Music for Meditation

1. Music for Meditation 41:05

with Singing Bowls and Cymbals

The natural harmony of each tone helping to rebalance the listener´s entire energy system; thus creating a resonance with the Pulse of Life.

Listen to a fragment of

"Music for Meditation"

CD Music for Massage
CD One Sound

Music for Massage

1. Music for Massage 45:43

with Singing Bowls and Synthesizer

Moments of Bliss,

Sound and Silence hand in hand,

Music for Body and Soul.

Listen to a fragment of

"Music for Massage"

One Sound

1. One Sound 31:24

with Singing Bowls and Sitar

1. One Sound 31:24

2. Meeting 32:33

A unique combination of Eastern instruments, melting and whirling into each other.

Deeply relaxing and healing the entire energy system.

The journey ends in a blissful explosion of the heart.

Listen to a fragment of

"One Sound"