The Meditation Concerts

The Meditation Concerts

Shintai and Mayadevi use their instruments to create a serene and meditative atmosphere.

Tones and overtones from singing bowls, sitar, synthesizer, overtone harp and overtone guitar whirl through the concert room in a cosmic dance - each tone linking to the moment.

Sounds come and go, touching, harmonising, creating an Empty Space from which new tones can arise. The broad spectrum of overtones support the body to relax and invite the soul to undertake a fascinating journey into the Music of The Spheres.

Music not only for your ears, but fot your whole Being

- resonating for a long time after the last note has been played....

The waves, the first part of the Concert

"The first part of the concert we consider as a meeting and a tuning in to the audience. It is our experience that the sitar and the singing bowls are exquisite tools for this matter.

Often we sense this introduction as a wave of energy coming from the audience towards us - changing into music - and then the wave is flowing back to the audience, ... dissolving into the fragrance of Oneness.

This process is strongest when one listens to the sounds that evolve after the music instrument has been touched: this is where the overtones are coming alive. It is also in this way we are listening to our own playing.

The music in the first part is very delicate and without sudden surprises. It can be perceived as an ocean of sounds - in which every single tone has its own life - though not craving any special attention nor leading anywhere special.

And where are you when you are not "on the way"? Here and Now..."

The Spiral, the second part of the concert.

"After exploring the concert hall in all its aspects - time is up for unfolding.

The Universe is grander and vaster than us and this is the experience that is inviting us.

As the energy in the first place was horizontal - it now rises vertically - like a cosmic spiral.

Every individual is participating in his/her own way, hearing the own inner music and experiencing the own inner journey."

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