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The Moment create an atmosphere where Silence is the Key.

Their music reflects the state of Oneness, where all separation dissappears,

thus creating a resonance with the Pulse of Life.

They play Meditation Concerts and offer Silent Retreats all over Europe.

The Moment

Mayadevi and Shintai met in 1988 while living in Michael BarnettĀ“s spiritual community in Italy, whom still is an inspiration in their lives. They now live in Assisi and have a Silent Retreat Center there.


Mayadevi is from Denmark and has studiet music at the University of Copenhagen. She played piano and saxophone in different rock and jazz groups. She has worked with Tibetan Bowls since 1981.

Mayadevi is a relaxation & SE- trauma therapist.

Shintai is from Belgium. While playing in a famous rock band, he traveled in 1980 to India to meet Osho. He then bought a sitar which became his main instrument. He also plays guitar, overtone harp and synthesizer.